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  • Posture Problems; Standing, Sitting, Running, Cycling and More
  • Low Back Pain–Pre and Post Surgery
  • Hip and Knee Problems–Sport related, Pre and Post Surgery
  • Auto Accident Injuries
  • Health Development Planning
  • Plantar Fascitis
  • Work Injuries
  • Depression/ADD-ADHD/Anxiety
  • And many other symptoms/conditions
What Patients Are Saying

“I had chronic knee pain since High School. I was told last year that I may need surgery on my neck. No surgery and no pain after coming to Align Wellness. Now I feel great and grateful, too.”

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The Most Basic, Little Known and Largely Ignored Essentials to Lifelong Wellness and Optimal Performance

If the question is, “How can I feel better?” the solution will be to find a way to feel better. If the question is, “how can I function better?” the solution will be to find a way to function better. If the question is, “How do I create the optimum environment for my body to create health?” the solution will be to find a way to create the optimum environment for a body to create health. This last question is the most basic of all. When that environment (the optimum one for the body to create health) is created, improved health will follow along with functioning better and feeling better, too.

At Align Wellness, we focus on How to Create the Optimum Environment for Bodies to Create Health. There are simply three areas to manage: Restoring normal Stuctural relationships of the spinal cord, spinal bones and skeleton; Healthy Conditioning of your brain, heart and other muscles; Giving your body the Sustenance it needs through the right water, the best food and specifically whole food supplementation. We refer to these as; Structure, Condition, Sustain.

In each area (Structure, Condition, Sustain) there is specific data to support specific actions that can yield outstanding results. Learning and adhering to this specific data is the way to achieve the best results.