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Chronic Hip Pain


Chronic Hip Pain


No More Hunching


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Body Work vs the Align Wellness approach:

After getting the experience of Align Wellness’ approach for several months, I was given a free massage from a person who does ‘body work’ with athletes. After the bodywork was done I knew something was off, I was off kilter a bit and walking down the stairs afterward was painful. I knew what happened, the practitioner moved some things around but never put things back in place. I couldn’t even run jog around a cone on the soccer field without lots of pain and discomfort.

I could tell when the body work practitioner was done, looked at me and said ‘Oooh, you got a lot of work that needs to be done…’ that I was in trouble because this person just left me in a state of disrepair… It took Dr. Farrell about three visits to get me back on track.

I’d hate to think of where I’d be right now if I didn’t have Align Wellness. What makes it sooo valuable in my experience is that there’s no guess work because he test’s his own work at the end of each session to see if everything is in place.

My Back Went Out:

One day my back started to go out after working out the day before and repeatedly picking up soccer equipment and my little two year old boy the next day. I barely got out of bed and I knew I was lucky to be standing; my back wasn’t a happy camper.

This has happened before so I thought I’d be down for the next few days at best but I made my way to Dr. Farrell’s office. I remember, he actually laughed when he saw me and took out his camera to shoot some before and after pictures.

He had me standing straighter and moving safely around after just one session. By the end of that day I was fine and what could have been a long and painful few days around the house and in bed was avoided.

No More Pain:

I had chronic knee pain since High School. I was told last year that I may need surgery on my neck. No surgery and no pain after coming to Align Wellness. Now I feel great and grateful, too.

I Can Run Again:

Before Dr. Farrell started working with me my body had aches and pains all over; my knees, ankles and lower back… I couldn’t jog without having to warm up for a good 20-25 minutes and my knees were questionable whether they would respond to the warm ups or not.

Now, I can take off on a jog at any time without pain. It’s been a wonderful experience for me to go from start to finish on a 30 minute jog through the park without any pain whatsoever. He not only helped me get back outside exercising but he educated me on how we, together would get my body back into a healthy state once again.

“Magic Water”:

I can’t say enough about the Ionizer that Dr. Farrell introduced me to (I call it ‘Magic Water’). I have a professional athletic background and I remember working out so hard that all I could think about was getting to the water jug… I remember even then the feeling of the water filling up in my stomach. From mouth to stomach.

The first time I took a drink of the ‘ionized water’ it felt like someone splashed water on the insides of my body! I could feel it radiating throughout my chest cavity before it even got to my stomach. The energy of the water feels like it’s taking off in all directions once I start drinking.